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Reston Neighborhood Discussions Categories

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Neighborhood Discussions Categories:

Discussions Categories (Click to View Topics in this Category) Description Messages Count
AnnouncementsPost threads discussing local news and events. Be sure to include your information under the events and or local news submission for the site as well.0
Announcements & Good News!Be sure to include your information in the Announcements, Submit Your News, and /or Submit Your Calendar Event under the Meet Your Neighbors tab.0
Business NewsKnow of something cool about a local business you just can't keep to your self start a discussion here. 0
Business NewsKnow of a cool new local business that you just cannot keep to yourself? If you are a business owner, what would you like to share with other business owners & residents? Feel free to share observations & comments here.0
Current IssuesWhat is happening around you that makes you feel good? Have you heard any news lately that is bothering you? Does someone in the news deserve a promotion... or jail time? What is the state of the state? What could be done differently & better? Express your opinion here. You decide!0
Depressed?Feeling down about something? Been through a traumatic experience? Communicate with others who have been through similar situations & who can lend you an ear & provide advice. You will feel better when you realize you are never alone!0
Entertainment & CelebritiesDiscuss Your Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Bands, & Celebrity Stars!0
Fashion, Fads, & TrendsWhat is in & what is out? What is hot & what is not? What is cool, hip, trendy, & fashionable to wear, listen to, use, watch, say, do, or be? You tell me!0
Favorite Meeting Places & Watering Holes!Know of a great place to meet in or near Reston that you would like to share with others? Do not keep it a secret! Post it here & watch the popularity increase as a result of your effort to share!0
General DiscussionsGeneral Discussions1
Government & PoliticsEngage in discussion & debate about any level of government from National, State, County, and of course, local. This is an outlet for respectful intellectual discourse. Please be respectful of neighbors who may not share your opinions.0
Health, Fitness, & NutritionPost thoughts related to wellness here.0
HobbiesHave a fun Sport or Hobby you\'d like to talk about with others who may also be interested? Start a discussion here. 1
Language & CultureHave something unique about your culture or homeland that you\'d like to share with your neighbors. Interested in learning about a new culture or language. Post your remarks here & share in the rich diversity that makes up this exciting place we call Reston!0
Local Government IssuesDiscussion & debate about any level of government from National, State, County , and down to individual Towns.1
Money TalkDiscuss Investment & Tax Saving Strategies, College Savings, Stocks, Bonds, & Futures Trading, Collectables, Gold, Trusts, etc.0
Movie ReviewsBeen to the Movies at Reston Town Center lately? Did you know they sell hot dogs there? What did you see? What did you think of what you saw? Let your neighbors know so they do not miss something good & they do not waste their time & money on something that is not good! Rented a Movie lately? Let your neighbors know what to seek & what to avoid & why. Feel free to write about both the new & the old!1
Newbies Get AcquaintedThis is for the community and about the community, Post a brief hello!0
News - GlobalPost Your Thoughts on Current Global News Issues Here.0
News - LocalPost Your Thoughts on Current Local News Issues Here.0
PhilosophyDiscuss Your Favorite Philosophers & Philosophies, or Make Your Own Contribution to the Field! What are the rules that govern what you do & how you behave? Do you have any rules? Is having rules good, bad, or indifferent? Have you thought about this lately? How many layers of the proverbial onion have you peeled & what conclusions have you reached? Is your conclusion final, or just a stepping stone to the next?0
RelationshipsPost your observations & commentary on Family Life, Disciplining of Children, Teaching Children What Truly Matters, Making the Most of Dating, Caring for Aging Parents, Coping with an Empty Nest, Keeping Your Romance Alive, etc.0
Religion /SpiritualityPost your deep spiritual thoughts, prayers, meditation, & experiences here. Please be respectful of those who may not share your views. Elitism, extremism, arrogance, & holier than thou-ism are not permitted -only respectful discourse as Reston is a very diverse place in which non-tolerance will not be tolerated!0
Reston Real EstatePost Thoughts & Observations about Real Estate Investments, Purchases, Financing, Home Inspections, Appraisals, Appreciation, Trends, Current Market Conditions, Brokerage Questions, FSBOs, etc.0
School/District IssuesGeneral topics relating to schools and district issues can be discussed here.0
Schools & EducationGeneral topics relating to our local Reston schools, as well as regional public & private pre-schools, schools, colleges, & universities can be discussed here, along with Home-Schooling Issues, Online Courses, Continuing Education, Self-Study, etc.0
Sports & Athletics - GlobalPost Discussions about your favorite International, College, & Professional Sports Teams & Players, Coaches, Individual Sports Stars, Athletic Competitions, etc. here. Anything from Football, to Martial Arts & Boxing, to Olympics, to College & Professional Events! Make your predictions now!0
Sports & Athletics - LocalSouth Lakes Seahawks, Herndon Hornets, Local Ballet, Gymnastics, Running Clubs, Bi /Triathlon Training, etc. may all be discussed here.0
Tech TalkPost Discussions about Cool New Technology, including Transportation, Energy, Computers, Communications, Entertainment, & Audio /Video Devices. Speculate on Trends & Forecast the Future!0

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