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What is a Neighborhood Ambassador?

A Neighborhood Ambassador is an individual, civic club, church, organization or business that really cares about their neighborhood, community or small town. 

They want the neighborhood to thrive, communicate and become a better place to live. Because of their love for their community, they are actively involved in letting everyone know about and how they can be a part of a place that helps everyone stay informed and involved with each other. 

They encourage active participation at the neighborhood site, whether it is discussing topics that are important to the residents, sharing recyclables with neighbors, helping those in need or encouraging doing business with honest neighborhood merchants or service providers. 

They make sure that businesses, clubs and organizations know about their neighborhood site. 

They add new announcements and news, approve or deny submissions from the community and add new businesses and is the one that keeps every thing humming, updated and relevant. 

They highlight Churches and Organizations that are making a difference to the neighborhood, community or small town they serve. 

They care about the neighborhood and the neighborhood appreciates them.


They are The Neighborhood Ambassador.



Do you want to be considered to be the Neighborhood Ambassador?


If so, visit and apply today!

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